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Diablo 3 Guide: Equip a Monster Power 5 Monk with 3,000,000 Gold
tag nameDiablo 3 Guide03/20/2013

I have made a new Monk hero last night. With the least gold equipment guides popular on the internet, I searched in the Auction House with the 3,000,000 Normal Mode Diablo 3 Gold I got in the leveling. Below is the detailed price of every of my items.


Weapon and Off-hand: It would be rather expensive to find a weapon with a socket. With only 3 million gold in account, I should abandon the stat of socket and choose critical hit damage and life steal stats. Two weapons with over 800 Damage per second, 180+ Dexterity, Critical Hit Damage 90% are all bought with buyout price of 100,000 D3 Gold. They are totally worth.

two weapons with buyout price


Pants and Helm: As we have to save money, One with Everything is the basic skill we should choose. All resistance stat are fairly expensive. So we should choose one single resistance to choose items. Inna set with additional +130 Dexterity is totally worth. I choose cheap Inna’s Temperance and Inna’s Radiance with lightning resistance. They are all bought at the buyout price of 200,000 Diablo 3 Gold.

pants and helm in the auction house


Chest Armor and Boots: In the chest armor, we have to take the Health Globe into account. The Health should be at least 30,000. What item is the best choice to increase the health globe? Of course, the BalckThorne’s Set would be the perfect choice. In the Chest Armor, I choose a high vitality armor with 186 Vitality. With the additional bonus of Blackthorne set, I got 286 vitality in these two items. These two items only cost me 600,00K gold.

chest armor and boots buy out price


Rings: Critical Hit chance Unity ring sometimes is better than the triple crits rings. Unity ring is our basic choice. With the damage against elites would increase the value. I choose The Wailing Host Ring for the other ring with damage against elite and maximum damage. It is really cheap to get the two rings with only 550,000 Gold.

two rings in the auction house price


Belt: As we need to add vitality in the Belt, I choose one rare belt instead of a legendary one. This one is a little dear with 1,000,000 Gold. This belt gives me all resistance and the lightning resistance as well. It is a great item to enhance the defense part.

rare belt with price


Shoulders, Gloves, Amulet and Bracers: I would like to use the 1.0.7 crafting system to craft these four items. With the Demonic Essence and material, below is the four items I got within 30 times try.

shoulders, gloves, amulet and bracers crafted by blacksmith

With the help of the four crafting items, let’s see the total stats of my Monk:

monk stats with 3000000gold

All resistance is 628 which is totally enough for the Monster Power 5. Armor 5100, DPS 77,000, critical hit chance 47%, critical hit damage 300%, under the BUFF, the DPS can be as high as 130,000. It is really incredible to get these stats with only 3,000,000 normal mode Diablo 3 Gold.

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