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Poll: How do You Think of Treasure Goblin Radius Ping Idea
tag namePoll04/08/2013

A lot of players have contributed their brilliant ideas in the official forum since the Developer Journal comes out. In the multiplayer part, some players come out the idea about the Treasure Goblin Radius Ping. In team farming, we always type “G” to stand for the Goblin to demand the attention of other players. But if the system would inform the other teammates automatically, doesn’t it sound great? This is how the Treasure Goblin Radius Ping idea works. How do you think of this idea?


Like the Idea: If we prefer to farm in a team or in a public game, we would definitely like this idea very much. Actually, it would be better if there is an alarm report when one of the teammates meets a pack of champions. It works the same way. This would save a lot of work when we are busy to kill the Goblin and the Elites.


Not care about it: Some players have quit the game for a long time. This kind of improvement is not enough to bring them back to the game. New chapters or new map would sound great. This function would not change the fact that we farm the same act day after day and get some XP bonus. But Paragon Level 100 is always so far away even if you have reached Paragon level 51. The remaining 49 is far further than you can think. It is time consuming and boring.


No difference: A lot of players would rather to solo regarding the farm efficiency. As a result the multiplayer improvements make little difference to solo players’ game experience. But as the monster health decrease and XP bonus increase a lot, it may drive some solo players into the team players.


Do you care about the Treasure Goblin Radius Ping idea or not? Cast your vote and join our discussion.

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