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Diablo 3 Guide: Monk Combination Strike Build
tag nameDiablo 3 Guide04/17/2013

This build is not so popular as the Wave of Light build as this one is a little hard to control. But the D3 items requirement is not so high as the other build. You do not have to collect the four sets of Inna set to increase the Spirit regeneration. You do not have to fear one day the passive skill “One with Everything” would be nerved as well. The Monk Combination Strike Build is an aggressive build which even abandon the Serenity. It is worth a try as it has created a really different kind of play style.


Let’s first see the skills and runes of  “Monk Combination Strike build”.

diablo 3 monk combination strike build skills and runes


There are three Spirit regeneration skills while most build would only choose one spirit regeneration skill. The reason is that we have chosen Combination Strike -  the core skill of this build. The definition of Combination Strike is “Each different Spirit Generator ability you use increases your damage by 8% for 3 seconds”.


First of Thunder - Thunderclap would release a large area damage and generate more spirit than other spirit regeneration skills as well. The lightning rune would help you especially when you are in high Monster Power. Deadly Reach - Foresight would release large damage on that like. Way of the Hundred First - Blazing Firsts critical hits would increase your attack speed and movement speed. So you have to stack as high critical hit chance as possible. You can have about 6.0% in the Inna’s Radiance, 10.0% in the amulet, 4.5% in the bracers, 3.5% in the rare ring, 1.0% in the Inna’s Temperance, 10.0% in the glove. This would stack your critical hit chance as high as 42.0%. It means every punch you give, almost half chance is of critical hit damage. This is the reason you should not get Fleeted Movement passive skill.


As you do not have Serenity, you should always take the initiative of the attack. Blinding Flash then if of great importance. You should understand when to use the Blinding Flash.


If you are a Monk lover, you should try this one. And find out the one that suits you best. For more Diablo 3 guides, please visit news part.

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