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Diablo 3 Guide: Tricks for Power Level to 60 in Three Hours
tag nameDiablo 3 Guide12/14/2013

Diablo 3 Patch 2.0.1 test is running which means Paragon 2.0 is not far away. Do you want to put all your classes to level 60 fast? Do you know the tricks how to power level in just three hours? If you are eager to know, please read and prepare. There are a few items you need which are Hellfire Ring, Leoric's Signet, Cain Set. And you would have to find a senior D3 player who are willing to lead you in the three hours in Monster Power 10. Let me explain.

diablo 3 fast power level in three hours


Hellfire Ring: Increases Bonus Experience by 35%. If you get one for your follower, you would get additional 7% xp bonus. All the MF and XP bonus from your follower, you can only get 1/5. The hellfire ring is Account Bound and you can equip it right at the beginning of level 1. In total, you would get 42% xp bonus from Hellfire Ring.

diablo 3 hellfire ring for fast power level


Radiant Star Ruby: Increase Bonus Experience by 31%. Place this gem in your helm and you would get the XP bonus. I did not recommend the Marquise Ruby because it is expensive to craft. And when you want to remove the gem, it would cost you 5 million Diablo 3 Gold.

diablo 3 gem radiant star ruby


Leoric's Signet: Increase Experience by 30%. You can only equip only one Leoric ring on you. But you can put it for your follower as well. So you would get 36% from Leoric Ring. This ring is a little expensive. But you can try the route we have at

diablo 3 leoric's signet


Cain Set: Increase XP bonus by 30%. As long as you gain three set and you would get this bonus. As it is low level items and cheap. You can get it easily.

diablo 3 items cain set


Monster Power 10 Bonus: MP10 does not only give you great MF/ GF as well as xp bonus. You would get 200% xp bonus in MP10 from Normal, Nightmare and Hell.

diablo 3 normal to hell xp bonus


Now let us to the math. 42%(hellfire ring) +31%(radiant star ruby) +(leoric's signet)30% +(cain set)30% +(monster power 10)200% = 333%


In the later days, if you want fast power level in Inferno, then you should try Decaying Crypt farming.

Written by Phebe sal Game Reviewer


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