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ROS: Diablo 3 Enchant Analysis and Items investment
tag nameROS01/15/2014

A lot of Diablo 3 players are wondering if the current rare items and legendary items are of any value to be enchanted. Now let us what I have experiment and make your own conclusion.


Point 1: Enchant Cost
This picture shows the materials and Diablo 3 Gold cost for a legendary that has never been enchanted before. Left blue materials are the things that crafted by Magic items. Right yellow ore are the things crafted by Rare Items. Middle materials are the new brimstones salvaged by new high level legendary items. In reaper of souls, it is hard to farm high level legendary items, about one in two hours in Torment 1 difficulty. Would you use the new legendary items or salvage it? Or would you wait for the next brimstone to enchant this legendary item? How many times have to try to get the stats you want?

diablo 3 enchant cost


Point 2: Current End Game Items
Mempo of Twilight, The Witching Hour and Lacuni
Take myself as an example. Under the huge damage of Torment, high defence seems highly necessary. The rare helmet you farm can easily provide % life and high vitality. What's more, enchant the rare items would not cost you the precious brimstone. It is easy to get a helmet surpassing the current Mempo of Twilight. If you would really like to buy a critical hit chance of 6%, high main stats rules are that you can get high main stats for your heroes with level 70 hero. It would the same to buy main stats of Strength and Intelligence. As to Lacuni, it follow the same fate. See what I have got from this rare wrists. Does Lacuni has any reason to stay more?


Point 3: Rare items and Legendary Items
We often talked about the new elemental damage of the new legendary in the channel. Take the trifecta gloves for example. If my build could use the elemental damage, I would prefer to use that one. I have noticed that there are very few players who would willing to enchant the old legendary items. In the early time of Reaper of Souls, the new legendary items would influence a lot of your build until you get another legendary items that are good enough to change your build.

diablo 3 new legendary elemental damage


My own conclusion: Treat ROS as a brand new game and start over again. If you do not have D3 Gold pressure, there is no need of you to sell all your items. There is no need for you to stock the current items as well.


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Written by Phebe sal Game Reviewer
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