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ROS: Top Four Changes in Diablo 3 Expansion on Legendary Drop and Power Level
tag nameROS01/24/2014

There are a few big changes in Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls coming. Do you know that? Let us show you what you can expect in ROS.

1. Paragon Leveling will be approximately six times faster.
The higher Paragon Level you get, the more experience it would need. With the Nephalem Valors go away in ROS, and density nerfed, you may farm for a week without attaining another higher Paragon Level. But good news is that Community Manager Nevalistis has confirmed that you would find ROS Paragon level approximately six times faster.

diablo 3 paragon level would be six times faster


2. 10 hours without Legendary drops impossible with the Timer system.
Has it ever happen to you that faring for six hours without seeing merely one legendary items? This would never happen again. Diablo 3 would add a timer system to increase your legendary drops if you do not get a legendary after certain time. This would be a rather great news for those who are not lucky in the loot runs.

diablo 3 ros time set system for legendary drops


3. Legendaries from Gambling to be reduced, Legendary drop rates to be doubled.
This is an act to ensure that farming is still the main way to enhance your heroes. The more time you paly, the more chance you can get the legendary items. Not rely on the gambling system and luck.

diablo 3 legendary drop rate doubled


4. Reaper of Souls Drops.
With the timer system and doubled drop rate, farming are supposed to be the main way for you to get good end Legendary items. Kadala and Blood Shards are only act as supplement. For example, if you really do want to own The Witching Hour, you can not farm it for days. Then you can try your luck at the Gambling system with all your shards.

Written by Phebe sal Game Reviewer
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